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below the story we posted on Facebook a while ago

Lost fishing gear can be very harmful to sea life

In the Maldives it is very common for wild dolphins to come near the back of safari boats at night while hunting for fish, particularly when the flood lights are on which attract small fish.

On one particular night, a small group of dolphins was near the Carpe Vita and one of them approached the boat so close popping his head out of the water and making  noise which sounded like crying. The crew had never seen a wild dolphin come up so near to the boat and stay there. When they approached they realized that the dolphin had a fishing hook stuck at his back and the line entangled with his tale.

They decided to try and take the hook off with the dolphin still in the water if they could but as the dolphin offered no resistance at all when they touched, they were able to lift the dolphin gently out of the water onto the back of the boat, take the hook and line off and release the dolphin back into the sea where it spent the whole night till early morning happily hunting near the boat.

This amazing rescue shows that the dolphin was smart enough to ask for help and could fortunately be rescued by the Carpe Vita crew.

The short video shows a small part of the rescue.


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