North Ari Atoll

Maaya Thila – Maaya Thila is a protected marine area. The dive site ranges from 6m – 30m. Maaya Thila is a famous night dive site in the Maldives with grey reef sharks and white-tip sharks common sightings. The top reef starts at 6m and the reef edge drops from 12m to 30m. There are several caves and overhangs around the thila which are full of fish ranging from white-tip sharks, dog-toothed tuna and barracuda to blue face angelfish, batfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish and lionfish. On the top reef there are many fusilier and blue-stripped snapper. There is soft coral and gorgonian fans making this reef extremely attractive.

Fish Head – This dive site ranges from 10m – 30m in depth. Fish Head is a marine protected site. There are ledges and caves at different depths around the reef. The sharks are found on the up-current side of the reef. Abundant fish life can be seen here with napoleon, fusiliers, travallys and barracuda found here.

Fesdu Wreck – The wreck of this 30m fishing trawler lies upright on the bottom at 29m. The top of the wheelhouse is at 24m and the propeller is at 27m. Coral growth is well established on the stern and an abundance of fish life and makro can be found on the main deck.

North Ari Atoll

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