Noonu Atoll

Christmas Rock – This is a pinnacle dive suitable for all levels. It is a large pinnacle in the shape of a Christmas Tree, made up of plateau’s, ledges, arrow shaped rocks and swim throughs with pretty coral reefs. The top reef starts at 3 metres, with the top thila at 14 metres, dropping down to more than 30 metres. Expect to see mega fauna life and makro on this site.

Miyaru Thila – This is a pinnacle dive with the pinnacle being located in the middle of the atoll. Grey reef sharks feed here and also leopard sharks, guitar sharks and eagle rays are regular visitors. Suitable for all levels.Orimas – This is a grey reef shark cleaning station, which is best viewed from the channel. It is a medium sized thila and you can also expect to see leopard and guitar sharks, as well as barracuda, snappers and sting rays.

Noonu Atoll

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