Lhaviyani Atoll

Kuredu Express – The name tells it all or at least most of the times. The dive on Express can be fast or more than that. Express for example. Kuredu Express is a current dive. The dive site is in a channel where the water is flowing into or out of the atoll, depending on the tides. That’s the reason why there is current and sometimes the current is blowing beyond your imagination. And that’s what makes this dive site interesting. Currents transport food for big fish.Due to the shape of the reef and the channel Kuredu Express can be quite tricky to dive and divers should be experienced. There are days where the site can not be dived because the waves in the channel are too high or the currents not right. With the right conditions it is a fantastic dive. Kuredu Express is famous for its shark sightings. There are times where no sharks are around but also times where there are super-close encounters with whole groups of grey reef sharks. As the ocean is not a zoo there is no guarantee to see sharks. No problem because Kuredu Express has a lot more to offer. There are big stingrays, huge napoleon wrasses, a giant grouper and there are turtles, leaf fish, honeycomb moray eels, trevally, eagle rays even a group of manta mobulas and a lot more. Be prepared, on a good day you see them all.

Turtle Caves is a dive site where in the the many caves of the reef very large green turtles can be found resting.

Lhaviyani Atoll

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