Another rescue of turtles tangled in netting

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Human polution endangering Maldivian sea life

On 21st of December while guests were out diving near Rasfari in North Male atoll, the dhoni crew spotted another ghost net with litter floating on the surface. Upon closer inspection they discovered two turtles entangled in it. It was not clear how long the turtles had been trapped, but they were injured by trying to struggle free. Unfortunately trapped turtles often have severe back leg injuries as a cause of their struggle to get free as this was the case here. The dhoni crew was able to free both turtles and watched them swim away into the deep blue. Carpe Diem Maldives always keeps an eye on possible ocean pollution and we are glad that our company was able to rescue animals again. We expect that the turtles will recover.

Once again it shows what damage and distress a net left behind can cause to the environment. Luckily however the Carpe Vita liveaboard was there to rescue the two turtles.

‘Good luck to the turtles and may they thrive in healthy waters!’

Apart from these memorable rescues, we keep on removing fish hooks, fishing lines, plastic bottles, plastic bags, cans and other trash on dive sites and we hope that others will follow suit. Join us on one of our dive trips year round with our amazing crew on both boats, the Carpe Diem and the Carpe Vita and in future are newest edition the Carpe Novo.

Your Carpe Diem Team.

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