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Carpe Diem​

First boat, started in 2008 will provide standard
3 dives a day on her trips.

Carpe Vita​

Second boat, started in 2011 with roof top jacuzzi provides standard 3 dives a day
on her trips.

Carpe Novo​

Third boat, started in 2016 with dedicated camera room provides standard 3 dives a day
on her trips.


"So grateful that Terri at Deep Blue Adventure highly recommended your liveaboard and assured me of the great diving vacation I would certainly have. As a foodie(part of my job now and always) I was impressed by your culinary team and the excellent food we enjoyed at each meal. The baked whole Jackfish and exotic fresh fruit platter are frequently on my computer screen saver. Yes, even with the epic pictures I have of the sunset shark dive, manta dives, blue striped snapper schools, and the hundreds of photos I took of the Carpe Novo and the beautiful ocean morning, day and night as we cruised around the different atolls and saw views that most would only imagine. I could write pages of comments on how much I enjoyed this experience and I will take time to answer the survey sent, though I wanted to impress upon you how much I valued this trip and my interactions with your team throughout the 8 day journey. I will always recommend Carpe Diem highly and will look forward to a future visit in the not too distant future I hope! I will not even consider that there could be a better liveaboard company out there. Your team exceeded my expectations in each and every way. My stateroom was incredible too! Having spent most of my career as a hotel and venue general manager I know how difficult it is to host guests overnight and meet all of their needs. And, on top of it you had a wonderful team of expert and well trained dive masters that made me feel safe always. I am still following them on Instagram and having fun sharing my videos of the dives. My friends are so envious, lol."
"I have had the pleasure of running surf charters on board the Carpe Vita since it first set sail in 2011. I can honestly say that in the last 8 years we had nothing but amazing feedback from all clients that have been aboard for the Carpe experience. The boat has been meticulously designed and built to comfortably accommodate 20 people as it is a massive 125ft boat. 3 levels of cabins from Suites to Standard ensure a variety of luxury depending on your budget. The 14 crew look after your every need as all our guests want for nothing when on board. The meals are plentiful and healthy with an amazing kitchen team and the highlight is the alfresco dining and bar at the back of the boat. One of the highlights of my year is getting back on board the Carpe and I always bring more people each year to experience the majestic Carpe Vita. A big thanks to Agnes and her amazing team."
Hanne & Ole
"We have attended the ship Carpe Vita for snorkeling only for many years.It has been great and we often goes with the Doni to the divesite with the divers, or with the dinghi to a nearby reef and have seen a huge variety of different species of both small and big marinelife, with lots of pelagic sharks and rays.The ship is wonderfull spacious and with very nice cabins and a faboulous crew. The food is excellent with many delicious dishes and a lovely wide selection of fresch fruit in the morning.It is absolutely recommendable to join the Carpe Diem fleet for fantastic snorkeling experiences. "
Dr Corina
"Carpe Diem is an amazing dive company that provides an outstanding diving experience in the Maldives. Each of my three trips with them has been exceptional. The food is delicious, the rooms are comfortable and quiet, the ships layout allows for both social and private time. The crew is there for anything you may need to have an exceptional time. And of course the diving is divine! I highly recommend Carpe Diem. "
"We’ve been chasing waves on Carpe Diem since 2017, our guests love the high level or service and well trained crew. The food is outstanding and Captain Ali's experience has no limits. With professional surf guides, generous fuel allowance and extended cruising range Diem get you to some of the best waves in the Maldives. Then there’s the diving and snorkelling, it’s world class. Don’t forget to throw in the fishing rod, the crew love fishing and everyone loves fresh Wahoo on the menu."
" Дайв клуб «Сплав» Москва и Carpe Diem Fleet Maldives – друзья навсегда! В первый раз наша встреча состоялась в августе 2011 года. Carpe Diem, стандартный маршрут, китовая акула с дитем, стая мант на поверхности и прочие прелести подводного мира Мальдив. И с тех пор, за прошедшие 8 лет, мы встречались 14 раз, а в 2016 и 2017 годах наш клуб по три раза в год нырял с экипажами Diem, Vita и Novo. А, начиная с 2015 года, мы каждый год ныряем на дальнем юге Мальдивского архипелага. Из трех сафарийных ботов флота Carpe мы больше всего любим CARPE DIEM. Он стал для нас родным и близким! Вышколенный персонал, мастер своего дела шеф-повар Иреш, всегда на посту, а главное, вовремя, находится бармен Аджанто, постоянно улыбающийся румбой Сабуч, весь персонал Дони с капитаном Хасаном(фанатик рыбалки) и, конечно же, капитан Diem – Али, все его зовут – Айя. Айя – мастер на все руки!!! От прочистки канализации до ремонта кондиционера он всё делает своими руками. Во время капитального ремонта судна летом 2017 года он не выходил из драй дока, постоянно присутствовал и контролировал процесс. Капитан очень любит свое детище – Carpe Diem. Его неоднократно хотели перевести на новые боты, но он всегда отказывался. Dive Team – это профессионалы своего дела, прекрасно знающие все дайв сайты всевозможных маршрутов. Зоба, Хусейн, Зина-Зина, Зияд, Чакку, Инти, Мунко, Атошка, Чил – это те дайв-гиды, с которыми комфортно и безопасно под водой. Спасибо вам! Отдельные слова благодарности генеральному менеджеру флота Агнес Ван Линден! Все положительные эмоции от наших путешествий по Мальдивам – это её заслуга. Молодец!!! Хан Анатолий, клуб подводного плавания «Сплав» Дайв клуб «Сплав» Москва и Carpe Diem Fleet Maldives – Friends forever! Our first meeting took place in August 2011. Carpe Diem,standard route, whale shark with diet, a flock of manta on the surface and other delights of the underwater world of the Maldives. And since then,in thepast 8 years, we have met 14 times, and in 2016 and 2017 our club dived three times a year with the crews of Diem, Vita and Novo. And since 2015, we have been diving every year in the far south of the Maldivian archipelago. Of the three Carpe safari bots, we love CARPE DIEM the most. He has become family and friends for us! The high-schooled staff, the master of his business chef Iresh, always at the post, and most importantly, on time, is the bartender Ajanto, constantly smiling rumba Sabuch, all the staff of Doni with Captain Hassan (fanatic fishing) and, of course, captain Diem - Ali, all his name - Ayya!!!. In 2017, he did not leave the driq dock, was constantly present and supervised the process. The captain loves his brainchild - Carpe Diem. He was repeatedly asked to be transferred to new bots, but he always refused. Dive Team - it's professionals who know all the dive sites of all kinds of routes. Some words of thanks to the general manager of the fleet Agnes Van Linden! All the positive emotions from our journeys through the Maldives are her merit. Good job!!! Khan Anatoly, SPLASH Scuba Diving Club "

Why Carpe Diem Maldives

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Local dive team members

We work with only Maldivian dive crew members with an abundance of experience and local knowledge We do not have a foreign cruise director on board

Crew loyalty

Most crew members have been working for us for many years thus guaranteeing product quality and service

We care about the environment

Organising yearly dive with a purpose trips, cleaning up, monitoring, rescuing, doing surveys and trying to reduce our footprint, reduced use of plastics and ultimate goal no plastics as replacement material becomes available

Our Awards

2015, Matato leading live aboard brand of the year
2016, Matato Leading live aboard brand of the year
2016, Boating awards Carpe Diem Best dive Safari
2017, Carpe Vita ended up in 10th place of the top 10 liveaboards of the world
2018, Carpe Diem ended up in 6th place of the top 10 liveaboards of the world
2019, Matato leading live aboard brand of the year
2019, Boating awards leading live aboard brand of the year 


Safe 20% on the following guaranteed departures

Carpe Vita
Nov. 1/8

Carpe Diem
Nov. 21/28
Nov. 28/ Dec. 5

Carpe Novo
Nov. 21/28

Payment conditions:
10% deposit required only, refundable in case bans from either country are still in place. Balance payment 60 days before start of the trip.

For 2021, we have our regular discounts as described below, for over 6 months in advance 10% EBB.

This special FIT discount can’t be combined with any bookings that currently need rescheduling or other regular discounts as mentioned below.

For groups travel extra FOC
Booking window: December 18, 2020
Booking period: August 1, till December 18, 2021

Half charters get 3 FOC instead of 2, so pay for 9 and get 12 spaces.
For full charters get 5 FOC instead of 4, so pay for 15 and get 20 spaces

5% deposit required for bookings more than 1 year in advance. 

The group discounts can’t be combined with any other discounts, except for the Early Bird discounts during summer periods only.


Last minute:
Book within 30 days of departure 10%

Early Bird:
> 6 months receive 10% discount 

Repeaters discount:
5% If you have been on one of our boats before you are entitled to 5% repeaters discount on your next booking

Group bookings:
pay for 5 and get 6th free, full charter get 4 FOC, so pay for 16 only